Westacre first operated in Monaco back in 2011 when we provided a 2-man Residential Security Team for one of our existing clients. Since then, we have established a reputation and grown our footprint in the region to a point where we now have multiple teams in Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and Monaco. Our Team Leaders work together between themselves, other security teams, local Police and Gendarmerie to ensure we have the most up to date intelligence and threat reporting network available, thus allowing us to stay one step ahead of the criminals.  

Villa Security

This is our core service which provides Residential Security Teams and security guards to villas whether they are vacant or occupied. The teams can be co-located on site 24/7 to provide access control or positioned nearby to provide a Quick Reaction Force, alarm response and key holding capability. The teams routinely conduct counter-surveillance duties to identify criminal gangs who might be carrying out reconnaissance on a property, and we can utilise security dogs as part of an enhanced package. The biggest advantage of employing the services of a Residential Security Team is the deterrent to the criminals - they will always choose the softest target and generally having security personnel present at a villa will mean it is not targeted. The teams can be appropriately armed with a full suite of legal defence weapons and ballistic protective equipment, ensuring they can counter even the highest of threats. Westacre have a full time Technical Security department who can install new, or maintain existing, CCTV, alarm systems, access control systems with biometrics and carry out bug sweeps on villas and vehicles. We also have a full time Cyber team who are responsible for ensuring a client's IT and communications security is up to date and effective. 

Close Protection

Away from the villa, we provide Close Protection operatives and chauffeurs to protect our clients when travelling in vehicles or on foot, whether it be a simple airport pick up or a large family gathering. All our drivers are trained in navigation, first aid and trauma care, evasive driving, situational awareness and have experience of driving in the most hostile of environments. They also understand the subtleties required when driving clients in permissive environments such as the Riviera, so wherever possible our drivers will always give you the smoothest, safest and most punctual ride. We have access to luxury armoured vehicles, which give clients a 'safe-haven' when away from their villas, or we can arrange for up-armouring of your existing vehicle to give that added protection. The Close Protection capability can come in the form of traditional body guarding and 'show of force' or a more discreet 'shadowing' role where the team provide lower profile protection, and all our teams have the option of utilising female operatives where requested. 

Maritime Security

A big part of life on the Riviera is on the water, so our teams can include personnel trained and experienced in maritime security. Whether the yacht is at sea, or moored/berthed, the security plan will include everything you need from anti-piracy drills to asset protection. The maritime teams can be located aboard the principle vessel, or in a designated support craft with full sub-surface capabilities and asset tracking.     


Our Senior Operations Department are vastly experienced in all aspects of security, with backgrounds in the British Special Forces and Police. They have provided consultancy to clients on matters such as security considerations for property renovations and new builds, panic room construction, putting together security policies and procedures, staff vetting and training/awareness packages for families. New clients are encouraged to undergo a security assessment which includes technical and physical penetration tests which allows us to identify any vulnerabilities and offer recommendations on how to mitigate risk. 

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