Company Overview

  • Westacre is a security solutions company, operating in an increasingly volatile global climate. We are industry leaders in understanding threats, gathering intelligence and creating solutions for our clients with the primary objective of keeping them and their property/possessions safe.

  • Westacre provides a comprehensive security service, spanning the multitude of complex security industry sectors, offering both bespoke specialist solutions, or a multi ‘one-stop-shop’ service. Westacre provides a single point of contact for all physical and technical security, as well as all aspects of security consultancy, risk management and training. We don’t outsource our recruitment, instead, we utilise an extensive network of trusted personnel to provide various employment roles including permanent full time jobs, contract work, short notice standby work and special role 'head-hunting'.

  • Our directors and senior management have both military and commercial backgrounds, ensuring we as a company are able to harness the best people and capabilities within the security industry as well as conduct effective business practices.

  • Westacre is a global company, operating from offices within the UK and overseas to provide a fully globalised and customer facing service. We are able to function in difficult and challenging locations and have vast experience operating in a range of situations from high-tempo hostile environment deployments to the more subtle integrated family security teams.

  • Our projects bring together specialists and industry field leaders to provide a high-end service. We use a network of individuals and companies from elite backgrounds including British Special Forces, Police and Intelligence Agencies but operate according to the established standards of the private security industry.

  • We have an extensive and varied list of clients, some of whom have been using our services for years. We are constantly looking at ways we can improve the service we provide to our long term clients, ensuring we stay well ahead of the competition and best placed to take on new clients.

  • We are a UK registered company, registered for VAT in the UK and are fully compliant with our taxation responsibilities.

  • Westacre Security Ltd is a UK registered trade mark (number UK00003393953) under classes 9, 37, 41, 42 and 45.

Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to provide an unsurpassed security service through our commitment to our clients and personnel. We will listen to their needs and manage expectation to achieve the objective of unbounded success.

Core Values

  • Our core values are the fundamental basis of what we do, and enable us to stand above our competitors by a relentless pursuit of excellence through:

    • Integrity

    • Professionalism

    • Discretion

  • We seek to establish trusted relationships and respond to the needs of our clients and personnel in a transparent manner whilst always maintaining a prudent approach to the task.

  • In addition to our commercial aspirations, Westacre is committed to supporting military charities and sports teams both financially and morally.


  • The company was established to fill a gap in the vast security industry by bringing together specialists from various backgrounds to enable clients to utilise a single point of contact for all their security requirements.

  • We believe our company is unique in providing the elite services and personnel required in a volatile, and increasingly unstable world.

  • Our vision is to serve our clients and personnel in accordance with our declared mission statement and the core values of our operation.

  • We have developed an innovative and enterprising approach to the concept of security, and we anticipate that Westacre will continue to set a new benchmark in the industry.


  • PRIVACY - read our GDPR compliant Privacy Policy here.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL - we are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment and to constantly monitor our procedures in order to ensure we have the best possible environmental policy. All our personnel share a ‘love’ for the outdoors and as such a great respect for the environment and our responsibilities to protect it, therefore ensuring they always pay attention to their duties to protect the environment at all times. As a company, we endeavour to:

    • Minimise the use of paper, use recycled products and reuse packaging where possible.

    • Switch off lights and electrical equipment when not required.

    • Keep heating in buildings to a minimum.

    • Reduce high carbon transport and maximise the use of public transport and bicycles.

    • Discourage single-use plastics and a zero use policy on plastic water bottles and non-recyclable coffee cups.

  • DISCRIMINATION - all personnel (potential/current employees, management, contractors, visitors and clients) are protected from discrimination by our company. This includes age, religion, ethnicity/nationality, gender/sexual orientation, pregnancy/maternity/paternity and military personnel. In addition, we endeavour to provide equal opportunities for those with a disability, including military veterans who have suffered during service.

  • HARASSMENT - we will not tolerate any kind of discrimination that creates a hostile and unpleasant environment for any of our personnel.

  • WAGES - all of our personnel are paid well over the national minimum wage and the national living wage. They are paid on time and in advance where requested.

Veteran Owned

  • Westacre are a proud member of the Veteran Owned community which recognises businesses run by military veterans. Their aim is to gain veteran owned businesses greater exposure to the public through a user-friendly online directory and to help veteran owned businesses to build closer working relationships between the military community. The database allows members of the public to specifically search for a veteran owned business and benefit from the military ethos that comes with it.

  • Veteran Owned aims to have 19000 businesses listed within 5 years and build a strong community from the estimated 187k active veteran owned businesses in the UK currently, becoming a household name like ‘Checkatrade’ or ‘Yellow Pages’.

  • In 2019, we were shortlisted as a finalist in the Small Employer of the Year category in this year’s Heropreneurs Awards with the results to be announced at the awards dinner in London in November 2019.


  • Westacre are committed to supporting a wide range of UK Armed Forces charities. Our main benefactor is Hire a Hero, which provides support for military personnel who have served our country. The charity was formed to ease the difficult transition from military to civilian life by offering assistance with employment, training, housing, and care as well as specialist support for the injured.

  • Our personnel regularly participate in fundraising events on behalf of military charities, with the company always assisting them with financial and admin support where required.

Armed Forces Covenant

  • The Covenant is a promise from the nation ensuring that those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are treated fairly.

  • Westacre are current holders of the Silver Award as part of the Ministry of Defence's National Employer Recognition Scheme. This is in line with our commitment to the UK Armed Forces and acknowledges our pledge to support the Armed Forces community, ensuring that:

    • No member of the Armed Forces community should face disadvantage in the provision of public and commercial services compared to any other citizen.

    • In some circumstances special treatment may be appropriate, especially for the injured or bereaved.

  • The covenant supports the whole of the military community including:

    • Regular serving personnel

    • Current reservists

    • Service leavers and veterans

    • The wounded, injured and sick

    • Service families

    • The bereaved

    • Cadets

  • The military is extremely close to our hearts at Westacre, where we employ a high number of serving reservists and ex-military personnel. Most of our senior staff and personnel have previously served in the Armed Forces, so we fully understand the difficulties faced by our military personnel who do an exceptionally tough job, and Westacre will continue to maintain these close ties with the Armed Forces community in the future.