Robotic Security Vehicle


Westacre Security have been working closely with Casta Spes Technologies, an innovative technology company based in the UK who have been developing an autonomous surveillance vehicle. Over the last 12 months we have been assisting with trials and on-site testing of the prototype, with a view to utilising this capability across our sites in the very near future.

The vehicle will allow our security teams to cover large areas of ground and have improved situational awareness whilst remaining within the Operations Rooms, ensuring less ‘false alarms’ and more efficient use of manpower.

A common tactic which we come across regularly is where hostile intruders attempt to distract security teams with a small diversionary assault, drawing the focus and manpower away from the Operations Room, and then launch a main attack from a different approach - the use of robotic security vehicles can mitigate this threat, allowing the security team to maintain their situational awareness across the whole site, whilst the robots are sent out to investigate any potential intrusion.