Happy New Year!

2017 was another challenging year in the private security industry, with global counter-terrorism continuing to take the focus away from an escalating criminal threat. With police resources under pressure and a focus on terrorism, the criminal gangs have been allowed to gather momentum, resulting in an increased threat to everyday people.  

Security news has been dominated by high profile global issues such as the North Korean threat and worldwide politics, often missing ongoing issues, particularly in the Middle East region. Domestic terrorism was at the forefront of the media reporting in the first part of the year with the attacks in Manchester and London, but as the nation becomes numb to horrors of terrorism, we appear to be settling for a culture of acceptance that terrorism is just part of everyday life here in the UK. The cyber threat has taken a backseat, despite more than ever high-profile data breaches and technological vulnerabilities being highlighted which could harm each and everyone of us.  

We continued to cement our reputation in France and Monaco over the last 12 months where we are now commonly known as the 'go-to' security provider for high-net-worth families, their property and business interests. 

2018 is shaping up to be another busy year for us, with our main focus being the summer deployments to the South of France as well as being 'good-to-go' for short notice global deployments on behalf of our clients. We are looking to build on the Training Department this year by running external training courses in SIA licence disciplines as well as our own bespoke training courses to give people the opportunity to learn relevant skills to deal with today's threats 'on the street' giving you the tools to prevent yourself and your family becoming a victim to indiscriminate attacks. 

Finally, the work of the British Armed Forces continues into the New Year, with deployments to over eighty countries, including signifiant roles in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria as well as supporting our NATO commitments and homeland work. With most of our personnel retired military or serving reservists, we always respect and appreciate the work of our Armed Forces. 

Happy New Year and stay safe in 2018.