Happy New Year!

2016 was a challenging year in the private security industry, with global counter-terrorism taking the focus away from an escalating criminal threat. Police and government security budgets are, rightly, being directed at the fight against terrorism, which leaves a gap for the private security industry to fill. The growing realisation of this shift in police and security service focus by the criminal fraternity has allowed them to capitalise and increase their activities. Whilst we're not quite ready for a full-blow private police force in the UK, we are certainly on the way towards the utilisation of private security to enhance the work of the police and security services. The days of the 'bobby on the beat' are gone, for now at least, so the private security industry must be ready to step up and provide a service for those who require it.

Despite the increased terrorist threat and uncertainty of the global security climate, it is worth noting that 2016 was the first year since 1968 that British Forces have not suffered any fatalities on operations. 

2017 will, without doubt, be another uncertain year for global security which we are fully prepared for. We will be deploying our teams to the South of France during the summer months, as well as looking to enhance our presence in the UAE and wider Middle East region, whilst back in the UK we'll be looking at how we can improve our teams in an effort to keep one step ahead of the threat. We are continuously monitoring the growing cyber threat as part of our security packages and are looking to bolster our technical, communications and IT security capability this year with the launch of a dedicated cyber department.