Intruder Alarm Systems

As we approach the time of year when we traditionally see a spike in domestic burglary, it is important to ensure your intruder alarm system is as good as possible, within your own particular threat and cost boundaries. Whatever the size of your commercial or residential property, the use of a basic alarm system isn't always good enough - there have been several incidents in the last two weeks were intruders have broken into an alarmed property, and carried out a rapid and efficient burglary of the property whilst the alarm is going off. The fact that audible alarms no longer seem to bother would-be intruders is partly down to the increasing number of 'false alarms' we hear day to day which are more often than not passed off as a nuisance, and partly due to a culture within our society where passers-by or neighbours don't want to get intervene or investigate ongoing crime. There is also the potential that criminals are becoming more desperate and therefore prepared to take more risks in targeting alarmed premises. 

However, there is so much more you can do in addition to a traditional bell-box and sensor type alarm. Many modern day systems are linked to wireless networks and can contact you via these when initiated - the average time a burglar is in a residential property is 8-12 minutes, so long enough for someone to investigate or for an alarm monitoring company to despatch a call-out team. There are many additional pieces of equipment that can be linked to your intruder alarm such as smoke devices, DNA marking or CCTV cameras which together provide a far bigger deterrent. If you can demonstrate to the criminals that you have addressed your security requirements, they will more often than not go for a softer target. 

Finally, should someone break into your premises, then make it as hard as possible for them to leave easily, by not leaving door or window keys on the inside - not only does this make it easier for them to enter, it makes it easier for them to exit. This will mean they can spend less time inside the premises and spend less time carrying out stolen goods. 

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